Box Robotics and JBT Sign Development Agreement

Box Robotics and JBT have signed a development agreement to integrate Warehouse HD with JBT’s on-vehicle control and fleet management software.  The objective is to safely increase vehicle speeds and to provide the ability to re-plan paths when encountering a stoppage on the vehicle’s guide-path.  The full text of the press release is available for immediate release.

AUGUST 12, 2020


Box Robotics Receives NSF SBIR Award

Box Robotics is honored to receive a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from the National Science Foundation (NSF).  This award will support the commercialization of our Warehouse HD software stack to improve AMR safety while increasing agility and spatial awareness to human-like levels.  We are grateful for the support.  The full text of the press release is available for immediate release.

AUGUST 10, 2020


Philly ROS Meetup: ROS 2 Foxy with Eclipse Cyclone DDS

Box Robotics hosted guests from around the world on Philly ROS's first virtual meetup on 20 July 2020.  Our speakers were Erik Boasson and Joe Speed from ADLINK.  They spoke to the group about Eclipse Cyclone DDS, a tier 1 middleware for ROS2.  You can view the entire talk here.

JULY 20, 2020


Box Robotics Featured in AWS Robotics Blog

Our good friends at AWS Robomaker gave a nice overview of the new features available in the latest ROS2 LTS release Foxy Fitzroy.  Our work with Ouster LiDAR in warehouses and our involvement with the larger open source robotics community were highlighted. 

JUNE 10, 2020


Box Robotics Featured in Ouster LiDAR Blog

Our Warehouse HD work was featured prominently in the Ouster LiDAR blog.  We have been working closely with Ouster and Eclipse Cyclone to optimize the ROS2 LiDAR software stack to minimize latency and jitter for enhanced safety at higher vehicle speeds.

MAY 5, 2020

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